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Saturday, October 23, 2021

New Kitty Update

TBT:  The new female Tonkinese kitty was supposed to be available Oct 12th, but a family medical issue required the breeder to return home out-of-state the week before.  She emailed saying she would be back to deliver it here Oct 30-31.  I do appreciate being spared a 3 hour round trip... 

The kittens are being cared for by a partner, but I am sure she wants to meet me personally before handing one over.  And if she wants to check out the living conditions, I wouldn't blame her for that either.

I just wanted to let everyone know the status...

She sent some pictures:


  1. Awww. Such a cute little girl. The best things in life are certainly worth waiting for, but it is so hard when they are clearly so eager to be getting on with life and their new home.

  2. She does look a lot like the pics you've shown us of a very young Iza! And what about your car? All serviced and ready to go on a long-ish trip! You'll have to make a day trip to a lovely spot somewhere to give it a decent run.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. ... bells on ... ringing softly ... waiting, waiting ... oh my kitty ... T-Kitty ... Too KUTE!

  4. Yes, so, so cute. You might have your paws ful with Laz.

  5. She is adorable. I am sure you are getting excited. XO

  6. Oh she is a beauty ! We hope she gets there safely and on time !

  7. Oh she is adorable, we know you are looking forward to seeing her in purrson. We are so excited for all of you.

  8. She's got such a cute little button nose. Just right for the holidays
    Patzy. Do you have a name yet? Maybe Rudy for Rudolph the black nosed kitty? Will it stay that color?

    1. Her name will be Lorelei Lee (aka "Lori). The breeder says her colors will mature to be similar to Iza's. More importantly, her traits seems to be similar. I just want one "like" Iza. I'm not looking for Iza2, the new one will have differences. But Iza was an amazingly loving and affectionate cat cat, so "similar" is a hope.


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