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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:   First, I wanna apologize fer my face bein hard ta see.  Even the flashy doesnt do good at it.  

This is about the best we can get.  

I sometimes envied Iza.  The camera sure loved her...

And we had our spats, but I miss her.

We might be irregular the next couple weeks.  TBT has lots ta do outside and inside before it gets dark outside an inside earlier but still warm outside.  But we will nibble his ankles if he goes too long...

OK, he got the hint...


  1. Hi, Ayla! You are gorgeous none the less!

    We here know about the pressing needs of yard chores and suchlike...but we just push ourselves into petcretary's legs or even her face with a lick! That makes her giggle and she has to take a break from her work...LOL!

  2. Don't worry Ayla, you always look beautiful.

  3. I dunno Ayla. Seems to me that it's time all three of you kitties piled on to The Lap and spoke sternly to TBT about his priorities. Yard work before helping you with the blog?

    Not. Acceptable.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Such sweet photos! Y'all keep him on his toes as he is doing his chores!

  5. Ayla, the camera loves you too, you have very striking markings you just have to learn to open your eyes when TBT takes the picture. Scylla likes to close her eyes too, but she is getting better about looking at the camera.

    We miss Iza too.

  6. Ayla, your Dad has posted some great photos of your beauty. I enjoy seeing them!
    Katie's mom


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