Sunday, November 21, 2021

Easy Like Lori Sunday

TBT:   I finally sorted and organized all of Lor'i First Week pics.  At least, I THINK I have!  I had them by name, by number, by date, in 2 special "Lori" folders and in regular "Cat" folders.  I copied them all into a single "LoriFirstWeek" folder then went searching through it for duplicates and deleting those (and some REALLY poor ones *I* took).

Then I printed a list of all the pics file names.  Which confused the computer because it kept trying to give me the actual pics.  I finally had to use screenshot and "selection" to isolate the file name list.  But the list was too long for the display screen, so now I have LoriFirstWeek (1 through 4) and copied each of THOSE to my Notes app and printed each separately.  

But I still didn't know which I had used, so I went to the blog starting at Day 1 and checked each used file name off 1 by 1.  THAT worked!

So I was left with about 3 dozen unused pics which I will show over the next few days just to make the record complete.  I hope there aren't many duplicates...


  1. Squeeeee! Lori, you are the cutest little cat I've ever seen.

  2. What a face she has! Our mom wants to smooch her!

  3. She is very adventurous. It looks like she has made your lap her own.

  4. Those are adorable pictures of your cute Lori ! Purrs

  5. Glad you got your photos sorted. These are great. Lori is such a cutie.

  6. Such a cutie with the sweetest, sweetest face!

  7. She looks like she's going to be quite 'chunky' - like Iza!

    Sydney, Australia

  8. Sometimes organizing pictures is a pain...LOL! I mostly gave up with ours, but have started doing it as I make them nowadays...but the older ones...what a nightmare! Then there are all the pics of the pre digital days...

    Lori is cute, pretty and adorable!!

  9. Awwww, and the sleepy shots are ... well, awwww. (Photo organization is, well, the word not allowed on family/pet blogs ...)
    Growing Up Lori, what fun we are all having with this new little lady!


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