Friday, November 26, 2021

Flashback Friday

Today we go back to 2014, because we dint GET a turkey this year!  TBT just couldnt bear the thought of the long lines at the grocery store this year.

So this is what we SHOULD have seen this year but dint...

On the other paw, we DID get canned Turkey With Gravy, Turkey And Giblets, Chicken In Cream Sauce, and Chicken With Liver.  Those were all pretty good.  And we got frequent treats!

But he better do better next year...



  1. I hope you all got your turkey this year.

  2. I dunno guys - it seems to me as though TBT might have been the only one who missed out on yummy foods this year. You lot sure seemed to have a feast of wonderful flavours.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Glad you got something yummy. XO

  4. That sounds quite reasonable and yummy!

  5. I got turkey! But it came from someone else's house that my human and her boyfriend went to.

  6. Maybe you can have a real turkey like that for Christmas!
    But we think you all didn't lack for yummy things to add to your celebration.


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