Tuesday, December 21, 2021

A Minor OOPS!

TBT:   Where was my mind Saturday?  The Mews were at the door to go into the safe backyard after lunch.  So I just opened the door and out they went.  Laz, Marley, Lori...  I went to clean the dishes.

After a couple minutes, I had a "wait, WHAT?" moment!  Sure enough, Lori was out on the deck.  I went right out after her of course.  She suspected I wanted her back in, so she kept scooting just out of reach.  And I SURE didn't want her running down the stairs and into the yard.

She has been rushing at the deck door (and the front door when there was a delivery).  She is fearless.  And wants to explore more than just the house.  But she is not ready.  "Fearless" doesn't mean "experienced" or even "smart".

I got her of course.  And brought her back inside.  And gave her treats as a reward for not running too much.  But wow, was THAT weird.  I just wasn't thinking.

The contract says Lori has to be an indoors cat all her life.  I will ignore that eventually, but she is SURE going to stay indoors until she is at least a year old.  And given how strong she is growing, she will be safe outside (with Marley and Laz) and able to chase mousies next Summer.

But not until then...


  1. That was an oops! In my house, she would be in harness and leash training already, and being taken out to the stores and such. But then, here we have coyotes that are super aggressive (and my human has seen them on our security cams!), so the only outside time I can get HAS to be on a leash, with her watchful eye.

  2. Hmmm - that does seem an unusual incident. Mind you, keeping her indoors until she's 1 seems a bit mean. Could you compromise on, say, 8 months old? Or consider a cat enclosure on the deck perhaps? Or, as Summer does, have her wear a leash? THAT might be an excellent compromise.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Well, you know we cats are curious!
    It is good that you watch her carefully and wait until she is a bit older.
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Wow ! I bet most of us with more than one cat have had that happen. And one day I realized the tuxedo wandering around the kitchen was one of the OUTSIDE cats had come in to check things out.

  5. Lori, listen to your dad. He'll know when it's best for you to go outside.

  6. I am glad you were able to catch her.

  7. She was so good to let you bring her back in without much of a fuss!

  8. Oopsie is right! I am glad she didn't run away speedily...its easy to have oopses, I do things that I wonder if I am insane, when I am on auto pilot, and not really thinking.

    My cousin has a kitty door to the patio, and sometimes stranger-mancats follow her kitty into the house...and then she sees two kitties and thinks she is going nuts! LOL! ( there don't seem to be outside threats there by way of predators...all the neighborhood cats seem to be friendly with eachother, most of the time, and they are all 'fixed' as far as I know, they just like to explore...and maybe forage some noms?? Tee-hee!)


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