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Friday, December 10, 2021

Flashback Friday

This time we go FAR back.  It is 2008 of this week.  Two very different things happened.

The first was that Ayla caught a great big dove!

She was only over a year old, so it was A BIG DEAL for her.  Lets just say that she wasn't hungry for hours...

The other thing was the strange intact male cat who was sniffing around the deck trying to find Ayla (who was still going into heat at the time).  I scared him away a few times (and even hosed him once) but he kept coming back.  So I discovered he was actually very friendly to me.  So he obviously had come from a good home.

After several days, I picked him up and put him in the garage with food, water and a litter box.  I took a good picture... 

And printed some out to post around the neighborhood.  I was just posting the 2nd one when a girl came running up and said that was her cat (she had seen the 1st).

He was an indoor cat but had gotten out.  I told her to come to my driveway (wouldn't let her in the car; I'm not stupid).  Told her and her friend to wait there and brought the cat out.  It was obvious from his purrs he was hers.

I thought that was my Good Deed for the week, but it didn't end there.  The cat came back the next time Ayla was in heat.  I guess they can tell 5 houses away...

This time, I just carried him to his home.  I suggested to the parents that they get him "fixed".  No, they didn't believe in that and it was "expensive".  I offerred to have my vet do it at my expense.  "No"...

Never seen him since.  I hope he had a long happy life.

But that was THIS week 2008...


  1. I hate when people won't get their cats fixed. It's stupid, period, and causes so many problems.

  2. That cat was pretty cute. I also hope he could have gotten fixed. It would have made him a better pet.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Good deeds are often remembered, and that lovely little girl ~ now grown up ~ most likely has not forgotten "the man who saved my kitty" and we like to think that throughout her life she will enjoy many kitties and learned from you, to always love them enough to have them properly spayed or neutered. Thus, your good deed lived on ~

  4. We hope that kitty had a good life and that they changed their mind and had him neutered.

  5. Ayla was quite the huntress. How sad the people wouldn't let you get their cat fixed, that was a kind offer.

  6. Ayla, what a great catcher you are. I hope the kitty had a wonderful life too.

  7. That was some hunting! Humans sure can be stupid when it comes to spay and neuter.

  8. Obviouslly that cat was loved - at least by the girl. Too bad her parents weren't as enthused.

    We like your holiday header !

  9. That was a very good catch for Ayla. She must have been very pleased with herself. I am glad the girl got her cat back, but wish her parents would have got him neutered.


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