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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

LAZ:  We are being good peaceful kitties while Dad heals.  We visit him in the TV room regularly, but mostly we try to stay out of his way.  

Plus, that thing he uses ta get around is a bit scary.  It looks like it could pinch a tail easily.  And he doesnt need anny more obstacles than there aleady are.

I also learned something from Marley today.  BEINS ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE!  OMC, I dint know that.  I (maybe) wouldnt have called for his help and tried harder to get down myself.  But I had never been up in a tree before and getting down is trickier than I thought.  

I depend on him a lot.  And he seems to be real good and helping us.  It never occurred ta me he could be in anny danger.  I mean, he's a BEIN...

I try ta sleep up against him at night and send purrs into his hurties.  Im not a lapcat, so thats the best I can do.  And I am trying not to be all fussy about the food (there are flavors I dont like much but Ayla and Marley do).

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