Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Werdy Wensday

LAZ:  I am watching the Fishie TV channel.

I could see better if Mr Algae-Eater Fishie was doing his job.  
Or if Dad scraped it off with his sharp-edge thingie.  But this isnt the best time ta ask for small stuff like that.  I'll wait...

BTW, there are some spaces on the top large enough fer a paw ta reach in and maybe grab something tastey.  But we dont.  They are sort of like minor fambly members, ya know?  And also, BTW, the little ladder is there just for us kitties.

There is no Dad Report today.  He posted, but it is all celebrating Bein Inauguration Day happystuff...  Not that ya cant go read it or annything, but it is more TBT stuff than Dad stuff.