Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tonkinese Female Kitten

TBT:   I placed a deposit with a tonkie breeder for a female tonkie kitten in December.  Iza was such a wonderful loving cat that I sought another.  I know, a new kitten won't be Iza.  But in general, I will hope for some similar characteristics of her breed (person-oriented, silky fur, lapcat).  

The good news is that the breeder thinks I am a perfect person for one of their kittens.  I had them read my blog to see about Iza and the other Mews.  They put me high up on their waiting list.   I am grateful for that.

The bad news is that their most recent Queen had to have a c-section and none of the kittens survived.  I am crying for them; People, Queen, and lost kittens.

The good news is that their other Queen should have a litter in March and the kittens available in June.  I can hardly wait.

If this seems a bit transactional, it is.  I want a female tonkie; I wont hide it.  Most of the cats in my life have been random, not by breed (other than Ayla - I really wanted a Siamese).  This one is for me by choice.  And it will almost certainly be my last one.  At 70, I have to think about my age at a kitten's senior years.

Her name will be Lorelei Lee (aka, Lori) to match Lapis Lazuli (Laz) from the Robert A Heinlein books.  Never mind that Lapis Lazuli is a male cat; Heinlein is a bit fluid about gender anyway and I like theme names.

I am waiting for June, 5 months...

No Dad Report today since it is me posting.