Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tuesday Upset

AYLA:   Laz attacked me again.  I'm getting really tired of that.  All I tried to do was use the basement litterboxes.  I mean, I know Dad doesn't WANT me to use the bathroom mat and neither do I.  But Laz watches for me to go down and jumps on me!

I don't have much choice.  

Laz confuses me.  One day we will all be calm on the bed together and the next day he is all mean.   I don't get it.  

We all nap together OK mostly.  But just "sometimes", Laz attacks me.  I have scabs on my neck; he bites...  I don't know what to do.  Dad doesn't know what ta do.  Even Marley "The Peace-keeper" can't settle him down.  I think he doesn't want me to use the basement litterboxes. 

The Dad Report: