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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

MARLEY:  Laz sure is full of energy!  He loves ta wrassle with me.  I usally dont mind.  

Its not like he can do much ta ME.  I weigh almost twice what he does and Ive fought Introoder cats for Realsies.
And I make sure not to hurt HIM.  That wouldnt be fair.  But he can use the practice.  He will be defending the yard someday.  AND it uses up a lot of his energy, so he probly bothers Ayla less.

These are daytime pics.  Sometimes he wants ta wrassle at night when Im tryin ta sleep.  I could do without THAT.  But iffen I ignore him, he jumps on me, so I sorta HAVE to.  So mebbe I whap him a LITTLE harder then, hoping he will catch on to "the right time" for such games.

Ah, the energy of youth... 

The Dad Report: