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Friday, February 26, 2021

Flashback Friday

Today we return to this week 2012. 

We dont recall why Ayla raised a paw to Marley...

But she and Iza were sharing some space in the bedroom.  It seems Iza was looking for a bit more room...
But she got some in the chair tent.
Ayla scored some warm laundry!
Iza enjoyed staring at TBT adoringly from the otto-man.
And we had flowers.  
Clumps of crocuses
And some early daffodils.
It must have been a warmer Winter that year.  We are just getting a few crocuses now and the early daffodils are just 3" shoots!  Well, Febary has been cold this year.  Dad says he can tell because he just got the electric bill an it is about 2x normal!  An we have fixed rates (whatever that means)...

The Dad Report: