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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Happy Dr Seuss Day!

Mark (aka Cavebear) and the Mews



The snow it was falling, 
Too cold to go out.
So the children were bored
Barely moving about.

The children agreed
It was boring to sit.
They wished that some something
Would bring excitement.

So all they could do was to

Then a noise up the stairs
Caught their interest, was funny.
It promised some change
From a day not quite sunny.

They looked and they saw
Upon the tall stair
A Cavebear that really
Should not have been there.

He wore a strange hat
And he walked just like people.
In fact, his hat rose 
From his head like a steeple.

Carrying two cats
And with nary a care
He waved, said hello
And he came down the stair. 

Said he was there
To get rid of their "bore"
And make this dull day
Better than before!  

So he'd brought his good friends
Cat One and Cat Two
Call them Ayla and Laz
They will entertain you.

Ayla jumped up to heights
Like they never had seen
While Laz zoomed through the room
Knocking things over, of which he was keen.

They laughed with delight
Watching Ayla jump round
From doortop to curtainrod
With slightest of bound.

The sight of Laz crashing around
Made them smile and cheer
They were far more excited 
Than they’d been the whole year.

But Marley, their own cat 
Thought this was quite bad
Mom will be home soon
And she’s gonna be mad.

So he ran to the Cavebear
And yelled in his ear
The kids will be blamed
And me too, I fear.

But “have no fear now”
Said Cavebear In The Hat
I surely do manage things
Better than THAT!

So he took off his hat
And he waved it around
Laz stopped running like crazy
Ayla came to the ground.

Cavebear In The Hat gave a signal to them
Ayla and Laz went and sat by the door
He again waved his hat and soon as can be
Everything in the house was as good as before.

I’m experienced at this, he told Marley-cat
I come to bring fun not to cause trouble
And he and his cats 
Disappeared like a bubble.

And that was good-timing
Because in a minute
Mom entered the house
And saw nothing wrong in it!

Happy Dr Seuss Day!


Much credit (the graphic and about half the poem) go to Ann of Zoolatry.  I will post about that on my own blog...