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Friday, March 05, 2021

A Tribute To Spitty

THE BIG THING here:  A tribute to Spitty through Iza's memories in pictures...  Iza adored Spitty from the day she found him.  He had many ladycats who loved him but she was completely devoted to him.  She went over The Bridge in April last year and I know she was waiting (and would have waited many more years).  I present this in honor of both Iza and Spitty...

She loved that he once drove her around in a Furrari.. 

And that he once gave her a whole Goth vest when she asked for one...

And that they once took a balloon ride together...

She loved him with all her huge heart.  And hearts...

Spitty stood by Iza in difficult times...

She wrote him poems...


How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…
I love thee as I love my meals, warm and soft.
I love thee as I love my rattelly toys, noisey and whapable.
I love thee as I love a warm pillow soft and quiet.
I love thee as I love Birdie TV and Fishie TV and  Skwerl TV.
I love thee as  My Protector In The Halloween Adventure.
I love thee as dearly as the deer love to graze on the hostas and azaleas in the front yard.
I love thee as I love My meal, My litterbox when it is clean, and  the warm waterbed.
I love thee as I love the birdies that hit our deck door and wait for me to get out there.
And I love thee Furs of deepest Black, Shining eyes, Claws of sharpness, and deepest mancat mystery…
In my thoughts and in my dreams Thee constant comes; and in between I dream of thee.
In fact, and I’ll say this my King I even did this TWICE. 
Cuz the first version got deleted when TBT furgot to save, and that wasn’t very nice!


They shared the Scary Halloween Tunnel which was so frightening I will only give a LINK...

Iza loved to show him her silken tummy, and he loved to lay his weary head on it while she adored his company.

There were other (happier) adventures.  Iza and Spitty visited Washington DC monuments and once camped out in the backyard in a tent I made just for them.  Spitty was concerned about being "outside" but Iza reassured him I was watching over them and they were in an enclosed space, so he napped sniffing outside air safely with her.  But pictures get lost sometimes.

Spitty was very special to Iza (and yes some other ladycats).  But Iza nearly existed for his attention.  Now they are both Over The Bridge.  I'm sure Spitty has a clowder of Ladycats around him now...  But I know Iza pushed her way to the front just to see him again.

It is a sadder world without their love.