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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Before we forget, we had the annual vet visit Wensday.  TBT  forgot the camera, so we don't have pictures.  But the Vet still won't let Beins inside, so we had ta be left by the door in the PTUs while he knocked.

But before that, he had to get us in the PTUs, which is "usually" a bit of fun.  We know what he intends, so we go run and hide.  Usually.  He is getting sneakier.  I like the bathroom high windersill, so he opened that door.  And closed it when I ran in.  That was unusual.

Marley was barely awake for the day, and likes to greet TBT in the Mews Room with Jazz Paws and purrs, and TBT gave him attention.  Until he picked him up and carried him to the other bathroom.  Which seemed like the weekly weighing.  But he closed him in there.  

And THEN we heard the distinctive sound of the PTUs coming out of the closet where he hides them.  Oh BAST!

He got me first.  I used ta be able to get around him, but he confoosed me by opening the door a crack and closing it a few times until I backed away.  He finally opened the door a bit wider and I charged but he had a pillow there.  He got me!

He puts the PTUs on the tree platforms.  The platforms keep the PTU from being pushed off and with the front opened and nothing below, there is no where ta go.  I yelled but TBT took me down into the car.

So he went after Marley next.  Marley isnt as agile as I am, so he was easier ta grab.  On the other paw, he is bigger and stronger.  But it did him no good.  TBT held his front paws together and set them in, so there was no where else ta go.  

And in the car he went, too.  I'll give Marley credit for being better at moaning singing the call of our kind than I am.  He has this deep hopeless end-of-the-world sound I can't match.  

Laz's turn comes in a few moons.  So while our calls disturbed him, he wasnt grabbed.

Last time, we were brought inside and TBT was with us.  This time he wasn't.  So we had ta sit in the PTUs outside the VET door and TBT back away (full masked) while we were taken away.  That made it harder.  As bad as the stabbies are, it is easier when he is right there talking to us.

Other than that, it was the same as usual.  Stabbies, butt-probes, standing on a metal plate not moving.

I'm good for my age.  Agility and weight better than average.  Marley is fat and has to go on a diet.  I eat separately in the Mews Room, and Laz eats anywhere, so TBT will be watching Marley more carefully.  Apparently, he can't have food anymore just by asking for it.  

I can have all I want.  Well, I always did.  I just eat what I need.  Marley eats whatever there IS.  Laz seems to eat like me.

We don't have pictures of this year's visit, but here are some from before and they are a lot the same but Iza was with us then.

Hiding dint werk...

All lined up at the Vet...
In the stabby room...
The evil clippy-claws...