Monday, March 08, 2021

Mancat Monday - Snow

LAZ:   We are behind with some pictures.  An cuz TBT says we shouldnt be wasteful kitties, we are gonna catch up.  So, first, here are some pictures of us exploring the snow a moon ago...

I wanted ta get out.  Marley has seen all this stuff before, but I havent much.

So I was pawing at the door.  I know I cant open it, but TBT notices...
Cmon OPEN it!
So I got out.  The house doesnt like snow, so it melts it away a bit.  Thats convenient for me.  
I was careful to stay where the house left a clear path...
And slowly moved along.

Marley joined me.  That was good cuz I could ask him questions.
Like "This is rain, but cold and harder".

I was surprised ta sniff that some other critters had come around in this stuff!
But markings never lie.

Marley knew it was a raccoon!  He knows stuff.

But I wanted ta get out in the yard, so I moved along the path...
I realized it dint look good ahead.  No path to the yard!
So I let Marley go first.  I'm not usally very careful like that, but new is new...

In fact, I went back inside ta warm my toesies!
Marley joined me and we got fed.  And since food is good, we thought mebbe goin out again would get us fed again.
But we were inside for the day.  TBT said that was enough "out in snow" fer one day...