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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  My tummy is...

Smiling at you!
Sorry for the blurry head.  I was starting a roll!

Flashback Friday.

Given yesserday's post about origins, we thought maybe some pics about First Days would be good.  So we'll try...

In order and leaving out some for which I have NO pictures...

Kenani and then Hai Yu...

I can't scan the old pictures of Mischief and Tinkerbelle.  I suspect the printer/scanner is too old.  Downloading new drivers doesn't work.  So I took a picture of a picture.  I'm persistent!

So I took a picture of a copy of a photograph, LOL!   Bad quality but best I can do.

Clockwise from right:  Tinkerbelle, Jeremy, Mischief...  Jeremy was my parent's  cat and stayed with me when they went to Florida for the Winter.







Lapis Lazuli: