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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Caturday Saturday

LAZ:   TBT pushed me off the deck rail today!  I was rollin on a doormat draped over it and he just PUSHED ME!

TBT:  I did NOT!  You just rolled off the edge...

LAZ:  But you were RIGHT THERE.  You must have had something ta do with it.

TBT:  I opened the deck door to tell you it was dinnertime.  You were so happy, you just rolled off...

LAZ:  It was 12' down!

TBT:  Not my fault Dude!  You rolled over on your own.  Maybe I shouldn't have left the door mats draped over the deck rail though.  I know you like to roll around on them.

LAZ:  SEE everybody?  He admits it was HIS fault!

TBT:  C'mon Dude, I didn't even laugh.  And I gave you treats and some Nip and then tuna when you came in.

LAZ:  Bribery to sooth your guilty conchus conciensus, mind!

TBT:  Would you rather I had given you broccoli for dinner?  Or I could leave the deck door closed all day tomorrow...

LAZ:  OK, OK, I'll "claim" I rolled over on my own.  Happy?

TBT:  No, I was quite worried watching you fall.  I even (unsuccessfully) grabbed at the doormat you clawed at and dragged down with you as you slipped over.

LAZ:  Really?  

TBT:  Yes "really".  

LAZ:  Well...  OK.  But why dint ya take a picture?  And a video would have been better.

TBT:  Laz, It was too sudden.  I don't take pictures just by "looking", ya know.  I need a camera gadget. But I have the picture in my mind.

LAZ:  Sometimes Im not too sure about that!

TBT:  Trust me.  I still remember when LC rolled off the deck once, and I didn't have the camera then either.  And that was a LONG time ago.  I remember things without having camera pictures.

LAZ:  LC did that too?

TBT:  Yeah, but not as far.  She was asleep on the deck and forgot she was at the edge.  Fell right off!  But she only fell 8'.  You set a record here!

LAZ:  And you remember that.  Why dont I?

TBT:  It was way before you were born.  In fact, it was before Ayla was born, I think.  I'd have to look at ancient pictures, 15 years maybe.  But yeah, we Beins remember things without camera pictures.

LAZ:  Wow, I don't remember last year very well.

TBT:  Well, since you mention it, your Gotcha Day is coming up soon.  I will throw a special GOTCHA LAZ DAY PARTY just for you.

LAZ:  I saw Marley and Ayla had one a few Moons ago.  I didn't know I would.  I know I've done a few bad things...

TBT:  You and me (and US) buddy...  Mark And The Mews...

LAZ:  (Whew) OK.  Could ya at least put up ONE picture though?

TBT:  Here you go, Laz.  You and Me...