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Monday, April 26, 2021

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  Ive never much played with toys.  There werent actually any when I was a kitten.  Or it might be more accurate ta say *I* was the toy (dogs and kids).  So I never learned about toys foe ME.  Well, OK, TBT tried some every couple months...

Bouncy balls, rattley mice, springs, plastic rings, MEH!  TBT told me Iza loved the rattley mice, Ayla loved the plastic rings, and Marley liked wand toys.  I don't get it.  I liked the wand toys some, but just liked to chew the strings until they broke.

I wanted ta catch real stuff like voles shrews.  Anyway, SOME kind of "mousie".  I did catch a couple birdies once, but TBT wasn't happy about the ones I caught, so I stopped.  Well, that's a bit of an argument.  I say I stopped because he asked me to; he says they got smarter about seeing me on the ground after they realized I sat there.  

I'll go with whatever one makes me seem better ta you...  When life starts hard, ya get careful about things.

But after I caught those 3 shrews in one day, I got a little bored in the house.  And I found a little stuffed bunny in a corner and pulled it out.

I got all suddenly excited about it...

It was like, all of a sudden, it seemed real!  I beat it all around the TV room.  But the camera is slow, so there are only a few pictures.  The last one is best.

I grabbed it and tossed it around.

I circled it ta show control over it.

And then I really went after it.  I had a wunnerful time with it.

And I say I haven't given it anny attention since!  The fact that TBT sees it in different rooms from day ta day certainly has nothing ta do with ME.  Must be Marley or Ayla...  Yeah, them.  Even though he hears a cat running around the halls and rooms where it ends up is just coincidence while Marley and Ayla are on the waterybed with him makes no difference.  It wasn't ME!  I don't like toys.  They don't mean annything to me...