Saturday, May 01, 2021

Caturday Saturday

TBT:   Thinking I had a post up for today, I got busy outdoors and then with dinner.  About an hour ago, I sat down to view comments and plan the Sunday post.


Not only did I not have a post, but I didn't even have any pictures processed.  So some quick updates...

Laz is doing well lately.  He hasn't bothered Ayla in weeks (much).  At least no yelling or screeches.  In fact they often sniff each other and there has been some tentative mutual grooming.  Not much at a time, but "some" is way better than "none.

Laz has come to adore being outside.  To my knowledge, his first experience outside was here and he is over 3 years old.  Well, he did find the right place to learn about it.  The tall fenced backyard is safe and semi-wild and there are plenty of "mousies".  Thankfully, he seems to have lost interest in birds (or they wised up to his ways real fast).  I say "thankfully" because I work to attract pretty songbirds (goldfinches, purple finches, cardinals, etc) and months ago he caught 2 in one day.  None since then that I know about though.

Laz is a bit odd.  He remained uncertain about me for many months and avoided any contact in daytime.  Even ignored offers of scritchies as he walked past.  His first friendly response was at night when I was in bed.  THEN, I suddenly became his favorite sleeping spot.  Lately, he tries to sleep in contact all night long.  Crook of knees, on my legs, on my back, against my stomach.  And if I move too much (I am a restless sleeper), near me on the bed.  

Well, it is about time he finally started to adjust to me and the other cats!  May 4th will be his 1st Gotcha Day (there will be a party).  It has been a LONG year in many ways...

Ayla is adjusting to Laz.  Laz's initial bad attitude was a surprise to her (and to me).  She wasn't sure what to do but run and hide.  It is hard to be a small cat.  Her only experiences have been with friendly and peaceful Skeeter and LC, with peaceful Marley.  OK, Iza and she didn't always get along, but there was a difference between hissy-fights and some whappy-paws with Iza and teeth from Laz.

One sign of the developing peace between Ayla and Laz is that Ayla is around the house much more often,  that she is feeling free to visit the basement litterboxes (OK, one oopsie a few days ago), and even goes out on the deck briefly several times a day.  She often sits on my lap again and often on the back of my easy chair.  

I should mention an odd (but fascinating) habit of Ayla's.  She generally has always disliked eating with the other cats (so it isn't a "Laz thing").  As she generally considers the bedroom and The Mews room her territory (in daytime), she has several places she likes to eat and apparently she thinks about where to eat each meal rather deliberately.

Her favorite spot in up on the bathroom windowsill.  But sometimes she decides it should be the top of the dresser, one of 2 boxes in The Mews room, a chair in The Mews room, or the towel on the bookcase in the bedroom.  She leads, I follow her around with her food bowl...  When she decides on the correct place for THAT meal, she tells me and I set the bowl down.  

Well, she eats almost anything, so it is worth the few minutes of watching her decide.  I can only smile and indulge her.  Princesses get to make decisions.  And if my patience relieves her concerns, I am fully willing.

Marley is a gem.  He is kind to Ayla, wrassles gently and tolerantly with Laz, and adores me.  He is often on my lap (darn he is HEAVY though, LOL!).  Yes, I will always so much miss Iza's presence on my lap, but Marley is doing his best and his best is very good.  

Marley is a "good cat" and I don't say that lightly.  I don't know what it is about orange/white mancats, but he was a good calm peaceful cat on his Gotcha Day and has been ever since.  He also eats pretty much anything I offer.  

An endearing Marley habit is that he leans toward my outstretched hand for scritchies.  He WANTS the contact.  Another is that he loves to sleep under the sheet with me.  He comes up on the bed to my head and I raise the covers.  He walks right in and settles down.  And without touching me (which helps me sleep more easily).  It is pleasing to know he is right there a few inches away.  He's happy, so I'm happy.

Sorry for no pictures.  I'll be processing new pictures after posting this.  Gotta get ready for a new week.