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Monday, May 03, 2021

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Oh wow, I went totally "zonked" on TBT's lap the other day.  He brushed me and combed my mats until I about passed out!  

I'm not a long-haired cat, but I do get mats.  And those aren't great fun to have removed.  But he was so slow about it that I hardly noticed.  He kept talking to me and stroking me so I barely noticed.

I love the Zoom Groom brush.  It really gets my loose furs.

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The flea comb is another matter.  I have to be relaxed for that.  It gets the mats loose, but I don't like it a lot.  PULLS are not good.  But he is careful.  And I do have to admit it feels better after.  When TBT does it carefully, just a little at a time, it's OK.  Otherwise, I lick his fingers furiously to let him know I'm unhappy!

And OMC, did I have loose furs and mats!  LOOK at all this.  I had to check to make sure I had any fur left!

Of course we both examined my loose furs closely.  No fleas or specks, no ticks, no nothing.  YAY!
He keeps our furs in a big vase.  Well, the brushed ones annyway.  Not the stuff on the floor.  He says sometimeday he is gonna make a whole new cat from the saved fur.  We think he is joking, but ya never know with him.  He might be able to.  Beins can do weerd stuff sometimes.

He says some blogger used to make cat shapes from brushed furs.  He is saving enough for that.

Which reminds me that he keeps our loose whiskers inna little bottle.  Its been a few years since he spilled them out for a picture.  Soon, I hope.  Some of them go back to Skeeter and LC, I think.

But I sure feel better since he did the deep grooming.   With Summer arriving soon, I don't need it all.  Cooler that way.  TBT says he could shave me, but Summer isn't THAT hot, so no...