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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Laz's First Gotcha Day Pawty!

 LAZ:  Its OFFICIAL!  It has been a YEAR since I arrived here.  So I am getting a pawty today!  It's my 1st one.  Yeah, I'm 3 but I never had a pawty for ME before.  I'm so thrilled I could hurl socks.  Don't worry, I won't.

TBT promised me, and Ayla and Marley told me about pawties, but this is sure new ta ME.  

We have birdie TV fer everykitty ta watch.

We have BOXES...
We have BACON!

Image result for bacon

The Turbotrack is assembled again...
We have wand toys!
We have boxes of toys (this is just one and all will be opened fresh for the pawty).
We have cat trees ta climb ta yer claw's content...
We have a HAM!
We have ladders!
There are games...
Lots more toys...
This is my first ever Gotcha Day in a Forever Home.  I've done my best to be here.  It has been a journey.  Please come and enjoy the pawty and wish me many more here!

The pawty starts NOW!

And I will add the TBT has picked many fresh NIP leaves...  Some of which will be packed in the "egg with holes" and some of which will be put in the puzzle box. 

And May The Fourth Be With You...