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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Easy Like Sunday

Usally, Easy Like Sunday is about us nappin all peaceful-like.  But we got a suprise this morning!  TBT put a big bone with meats on it on our food mat.  We were all unsure about it.  We mean, meat is good and there aren't many kinds we wont eat.  But we arent usally allowed ta have bones.

Well, THIS bone was so big it was OK...

(TBT:  Just so you know, it was a pork shoulder blade roast and the bone is flat and seems indestructible).

LAZ:  I discovered it first!  It had slight spicy smells, but not too much and I gnawed some meat of it.

It was SO large, I just couldnt resist it.
Worked at it from EVRY angle!

AYLA:  I found it next (Marley was outside).  It was "innerestin".  TBT said it was "pig".  Tghats not a flavor we get in Stinky-Goodness cans.  
And I wasnt ecited by it.  Both planty and bland.  
But meat is meat, so I gave it a final gnaw...
MARLEY:  I came inside and found THIS.  I SNIFFED.  I LEFT.  I like my food ta be fish, chicken/turkey, or cow.  TBT can keep the pig ta hisself...

But it WAS nice of him ta offer some of his food.  It made us all feel included in his meals.  

And then he gave us some of our favrite normal stuff the rest of today:  turkey&giblets, fish&shrimp, toona.  And we played the "tossed kibble game" later.

Oh, BTW, TBT says we should wish all the Moms out there "Happy Mom's Day".  We don't really remember ours birth-moms very well and we dont have a Bein Mom.  But we know most of YOU do so here is to them...

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