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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Caturday Saturday

LAZ:  Im annoyed today.  Well, I was annoyed yesserday and I expect ta be annoyed tomorrow too.

OK, yesserday, he stuffed me into the PTU.  Yeah, I know most of us dont go into one easily but I REALLY fought.  TBT said it was like trying ta force a big-box-sized python into a small box.  But in spite of my pythonlike efforts, he DID force me in.  He IS stronger.

But then he had ta figure out how ta let GO of me!  I had my claws out on his bare arms, and HE had ta figure out how ta get his arm out in one piece AND close the door before I could force my way out.  I had my back paws braced on the back of the PTU, ready ta jump.

Eventually, he suddenly pulled his hand out and pushed the door.  I did get my head out but not the rest of me an he pushed enough to get my head back in and closed the door.  And he checked the latch several times because I was really banging on it.

Well, I was afraid he was sending me on ta some different place, and I desperately like it here.  Thats worth a struggle, right?  My first place was RATHER HORRIBLE!  Here, I can go out, I can sit among plants and catch shrews, and sniff the excitin outside smells.  Inside, I get good foods, nap in nice spots, sleep up against TBT at night, and wrassle with Marley.  I dont much bother Ayla annymore, but it IS fun pretending to stalk her.

So it was natural to fight against being in the PTU if I was gonna be sent away.  Naturally, there are no pictures of all that.  TBT would have ta be an octapus ta manage getting me in the PTU AND take pictures.  Ya know how we cats can glare at Beins when we are upset?  Well, Beins can glare too.  His look would have frozen a fire!

But I wasnt done YET.  In the PTU car, we all normally sing the mournful songs of our people.  I pawsitively SCREAMED!  Ayla and Marley hid in their best most secret spots.

And it was just a trip to the VET.  Im kinna OK about that.  Stabbies and handling and The Probe.  But I was pretty worked up.  I didn't stop yelling the entire time I was there.  Not that TBT would know since he just sat in the car...

[TBT:  I've had my Moderna shots (last one 6 weeks ago) and wore an N-95 mask, but they STILL wouldn't let me inside.  Their policy IS a bit extreme.  My presence would have reassured Laz a lot.  Fortunately, our next scheduled visit is March 2022, so I HOPE all that is done with by then]

But they brought me back to him outside afterwards and we went home.  Whew!  What a bootiful word "home" is.  But then he went away to hunt down his kind of food and was gone "a long time".  After an hour, when I was fed and TBT was sure I wasn't wobbly from the stabbies, he let me outside.  

HURRAY!  So of course it began to rain soon after.  I was so desperate to be out, I tried to hide under the deck, but that didnt werk too well.  So (also still being hungry) I came in when he called me.

So that was yesserday...

Today it is still raining.  And worse, TBT says it will tomorrow too.  I cried about THAT all morning.  He told me "the flowers need water sometimes".  Now THAT was a problem.  I wanted to go out and hunt mousies, but I hate rain.  But the shrews like bugs and the mice like dry seeds from the flowers and rain keeps them down in their holes.  But the flowers need the rain.  

My brain kinna exploded inside trying to get around that.

So I think I will have sufferred the PTU, sufferred the VET, screamed my lungs out and stayed inside almost 3 days by Monday.  The food better be the REALLY GOOD STUFF, Marley had better be willing to wrassle, and TBT better be willing to let me push up HARD against him at night...

[TBT:  There are no pics to use here.  I have a few from Thursday, but the weather was good then and that wouldn't make any sense.  I have some new ones of The Mews inside, but naturally, the camera battery died as I started to download the pictures and it takes hours to recharge.  I should just buy a 2nd battery.  I have sometimes mentioned that I am generally lucky about major things but not minor things.  This is a perfect example]

Im staying calm.  Food is good, rain ends, sunpuddles appear again.  Patience, patience, patience...