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Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

LAZ:  Marley and I are sharing the day.   

MARLEY:  So I get MY turn right?  

So I was walking on the deck.  And Laz told me there were incoming control signals from the CIA (Cat Inspection Agency) and I had better get unner cover or they would take control of me.  

I had never heard of THAT, but it is good ta be careful.  So I went unner a mesh chair.  That should help, right?

Then he said "June Fools".  Well, OK, that was clever, but I really gotta take the kid aside and explain that "April Foolies" only happen on April 1st...

On the other paw, he is PRETTY SMART AND CLEVER.  I'm older and more experienced than him, but he thinks of stuff I dont sometimes.  I suspect my Good Brofur Laz and I will be trading thoughts for the next few years.  His cleverness for my experience.

I taught him ta hunt mousies among planty stuff by listening and pouncing.  But he does it a differnt way.  He stalks through the plants, careful paw-moment by careful paw-movement.  He is better at it than I am.    

Hey, it doesn't bother me ta recognize mousie-catching talent.  I have it; he has more.  He caught 3 shrews in a couple hours; it took me 2 days.  

I had in my own youth a habit of catching many mousies a day too.  But I'm heavier on my paws than I used to be,  so things change.  One nice thing about Laz is that he actually likes me and brings me one of his catches for a bit of playtime.

And I appreciate the way he likes ta nap near me.  TBT says there have never been Brofurs here before; just Sisfurs and a single Brofur.  He has become a good member of The Mews.  

Peace reigns...  And that is what I am here for.  I create peace among other cats.  Not the only reason I am here of course.  TBT and I have a special relationship.  The day he walked into The Lady's condo and she called me downstairs, TBT sat on the floor and I crawled right onto his lap.  I KNEW he was the right Bein (and Lady was allergic to me).  

She saw me go onto his lap and cried in relief, knowing I had made a choice and seemed happy with him.  She had been SO worried she would send me off to a "wrong" Bein.

If choosing "which corner of the bed" as the best place to sleep for the night, and you are safe and secure and loved, it means you are a very fortunate cat.  As I know most of you are.