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Monday, June 07, 2021

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I found this box on the floor last night.  It was obviously there for a cat to sit in.

I declined.  Way too small.  Ayla could sit in it.  Mebbe Laz, but I'm not sure.  We Mews are rather different in size ands it's not like I particuarly know Laz's butt size all THAT well.  I mean, we sniff each other of course, but I don't exactly measure it or annythin.

Size:  Me 18 pounds.  Laz 9.5 pounds.  Ayla 6.5 pounds...

But TBT did better later. 

OK, that WAS better.  It could use taller sides.  And I want another paw-width all around though before I can curl up in there.  I wonder if Amazon or Chewy just sells boxes of specific sizes.  Wouldn't THAT be funny? Getting an empty box shipped in a box almost the same size...