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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

LAZ:   I like bein near ta Marley.  He tells me stuff I need ta know.  Mousies, birdies, about-to-rain, TBT, why he noses into my food-bowl (he is bigger and hungrier than me), stuff like that.

I never had a brofur before.  I'm still learnin how to get along here better, and he helps.  

I've learned he is basically unattackable.  I would have to get LOTS bigger, and it seems I wont.  I weigh today what I weighed when I arrived a year ago, so that isn't going to change.  I mean, when we wrassle, he just sort of plays with me and then holds me down when he gets tired of the game.  

But he is kind.  I've experienced "mean" and he isn't that.  So I appreciate him a lot.  Having a brofur like him is great!