Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Womancat Wensday

 AYLA:  Computer time with TBT...

On his lap while he fixed our typos on the blog.  And yes, I checked the screen before he hit "send".

And I watched out for Laz.  Things WERE going well, but he annoyed me to "hissing" twice this week.   Not as bad as it used to be but still annoying.  So I stay watchful.  And Im allus safe near TBT.

I wish I weighed a few more pounds.  Laz would never bother me THEN!  Some good news is that TBT is gonna try clipping Laz's front claws.  That would help a lot.  Especially if he leaves MINE!  I need SOME advantage...

 And of course Im showin off my Meezer Colors today!