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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:   Well, we finally have enough to start Garden Tours again.  It was a cold dry May, so it took a while for some flowers to show up...

Please come along with me as I guide you around the yard.

First, we have some nice yellow flowers in the meadow bed.  I dont know the name.
There is a rose in the veggie bed.  TBT says he should move it to a more "formal" spot.
This is a Tithonia.  We planted them 2 years ago and they are finally blooming.  Some flowers take a while.
Our 1st purple coneflower of the year.  There will be more.
I don't know the name of this shrub.  The label is buried.  I think the flowers open yellow.
The Stargazer lillies are beginning ta open.  More later, but one has to come first.
The backyard Stalla D Oro are getting ready ta bloom.

The deck Mums are growing nicely.  But flowers fer them come much later.
The lettuces and such are loving the deck.  They get clipped daily for TBT ta eat but they grow back.  I mostly just admire the colors.  Not like I'm gonna eat lettuce...
The deck bin of Star-Gazers are blooming.  It will be FULL of flowers soon.
The mailbox Stella D Oro are blooming.  They get more sun out there.  And they do good there.  They can take dryness.  TBT doesn't ezactly water the mailbox often.
Another view of them.  And our fishie sign.

So that's the Tour for this week.  It was nice ta do it again.  Iza used ta do it better, but we are gonna take turns ta decide who is best at it now.

Now lets go up on the shady deck an just sit around an meow.  TBT and Marley are decidin what ta bring out.  Marley chose fresh-crushed Nip leafs and who can object ta THAT?  TBT chose some minced ham, some minced shrimp, and ooh, some turkey.  I think he is tryin ta empty the freezer but those all sound good.

Thanks fer comin along on out Garden Tour!