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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Womancat Wensday

 AYLA:  TBT trys ta get good good picticures of me.  The camera cannot catch my gorgeous colors though.

So we tried a whole lot...

I'm happy here.

An a close up...
My face just doesn't show up well.  BAD CAMERA!
Not too bad...
At least this shows my furs  and feets good.
This may the best of me overall.
And face
And this isn't TOO bad.
Back furs...
Iza was SO  photogenic.  And we dint allus get along purrfectly.  But I would sure like to have her around again.  I mean, ya know i'm surrrounded by mancats now.

BTW, I am about ta get Zoom Groomed.  And though I don't need it much, I like it.  Not quite like Marley, who almost passes out during it (he has a thicker furs), but it is good.  And Laz is starting to watch "brushing" time with some interest.  

Mostly, I just wish he would leave me alone, but the more he gets into the daily routines, I suppose that is better.  He DOES act better lately.