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Thursday, June 17, 2021

I'm 14!

 AYLA:  Wow, I've been around a while...

So lets have a PARTY!

Lots of boxes!


Lots of bags!

Many cats paintings. Bag Ladies - Braldt Bralds

And of course treats. toys and ladders...

PawTree Cat Food - The Super Food Your Kitten or Cat Need ...

It will be a GREAT 14th.  I hope you will come and join me and us in the celebration.  Each year is happier to experience than the one before.  Like, this year Laz is kinna new and friendly than last year.  

BTW, the best places ta teleport out are the big flat screen TV, the computer monitor, and the empty kitchen cabinet near the stove.  I don't know why about that last one, but it is empty, so mebbe nothin ta land on badly.

An we have 78 cans of stinky goodness an a WHOLE BAG  of Meow Mix Crunchies  (we newly love those) and 4 litter boxes fresh-cleaned.  And TBT is on scoop detail.  

So come  one and all!