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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fathers Day, Easy Like Sunday

US:  And we are writing as The Mews and not individuals and not "I (Ayla)", etc...

First, Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there of any (nice) kind...  Whether you are the Dad of little sticky Beins, adult sticky Beins,  cats, dogs, or something else, you do good stuff.  Sometimes it is the same as Moms but sometimes differnt.  Moms and Dad are differnt sometimes.

Now, WE are used to calling TBT "TBT" because that's what Skeeter and LC called him, not knowing quite what he was.  He wasn't a cat, an he SURE was bigger.  But they didn't blog for very long and didn't know how ta describe things very well back then.  

But Ayla started to unnerstand from them and learned on her own, and she has passed sone unnerstandin ta the rest of us.  So we "The Mews" unnerstand that he is not our birth-dad with our mom.  But Dads are what Dads do to teach and protect and provide safety an all that.  And it doesn't much matter who "started" ya sometimes.  So we've sort of learned that most kitties don't stay with the birth-Mom or Dad.

What matters is who raises ya and helps ya and protects ya.   An for most of us kitties, that is a TBT Dad or Mom.  An WE have a "Dad" (we sometimes wonder what a TBT Mom would be like, but we are OK wif what we have).

So we decided to express our thanks and love to Dad in the ways we know best.  Laz brought shrews ta the deck door.  Ayla sat on the deck lookin bootiful in the sunlight.  Marley asked for brushies (Dad loves doing that).  

But we didn't think that was enough...  We sort of do those things most days and mostly fer ourselfs.  So we meowed about it.  "What would be NEW"?    Yeah, even Laz could meow about that; he has been here over a year now (and getting better - more in a future post).

We decided on a kitty pile.  We tend to get on The Lap one at a time (and Laz, never).  So, why not ALL get up on his lap?  First cuz he would be amazed, second cuz we've never done that, third its not like we can BUY him anything.  So something new seemed good.

So right after midnight (so it was Fathers Day), Marley got up on his lap while Dad was watching TV.  OK, that wasnt unusual.  But then, according to plan, Laz jumped up on The Lap and curled up with Marley.  They have done that on the bed, but Laz had NEVER jumped up on The Lap before.  Dad took pictures of THAT.

And since he loves taking pictures of us on The Lap, that was special.  But then Ayla joined.  Laz and Ayla agreed to stay peaceful.  So ALL 3 OF US were on The Lap at the same time!  Well that was the plan.  And we managed ta do it...  Ayla coudnt quite find a place ta sit, but was on his feet.

Dad was overwhelmed by the event.  He was almost afraid ta reach fer the camera, but he did.  Proof is good...

It lasted about 5 minutes.  No. we didn't fuss at each other.  But Dads knees and ankles arent what they used ta be.  So with Marley and Laz pushing his knee and Ayla twisting the ankle, he had to end it.

So thanked us SO VERY MUCH for the never-before-experienced total The Mews experience.  And then he filled our bowls with Meow Mix Bistro (we like that because they are crunchies AND have multiple flavors) AND he sat on the kitchen floor with us while we ate telling us how much he enjoyed having ALL of us on The Lap at one time.

And he told us how VERY MUCH he enjoys being our Dad.  Well, THAT made the kibbles taste even BETTER, ya know.  He loves us, we love him.  

Today, we are allowed to call him Dad.  But he and we are used to TBT most times...