Thursday, June 24, 2021

Garden Tour Thursday

 MARLEY:  Well I guess I'll take a try at the Garden Tour.  Ayla says she wants to be involved in the after-tour snacks.  So let's see how it goes...

Well since we are up on the deck, I think I should show ya the best of the best.  The stargazer lilies hit their most of flowering today, so ya sure came at the right time.

The Poinstetta cuttings seem ta be survivin.  TBT has a magical powder that helps with the roots.  
The Moombeams are blooming.  I like those.  When I walk out the deck door, I like ta feel safe with somethin next ta me while I look around before movin out more.  I am kinna cautious.

There isn't much out in the yard right now.  Some Queen Annes Lace but that is almost a weed.  Some pink flowers but those definitely weeds.  So let's just stay up on the deck today.  It's nice here.  Warm enough without being hot and a nice gentle breeze.  I like that.

If ya wanna go hunting mousies, I'll show ya good spots.  Or Laz will.  He is learning quick and brings one up on the deck as a gift ta TBT almost every day.  He probably knows the best spots better than I do these days, but don't tell him that.

But here we go with the snacks.  Ayla arranged fer real minced cooked chick-hen and TBT is carryin Nip leafs and beef broth.  Sounds good ta me.  Let's snack and compare our Beins.   That should be fun. 

Thanks fer coming on the garden tour this week.  

And BTW, happy Cat World Domination Day.  They are ALL ours really but this is the Special Day to recognize it.  WE RULE!