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Thursday, July 08, 2021

Garden Tour Thursday

LAZ:  Welcome ta this week Garden Tour!  I'm the guide today...  Lets take a look around...

The Coreopsis Moonbeam blooms every year.  Ayla says it has been blooming as long as SHE has been here and that is nearly forever.
The regular yella daylilies are blooming.  We know not ta chew the leaves.
The meadow bed has Queen Anne's Lace everywhere.    Good bugs like them, so TBT leaves them ta grow.
Around them, the Black-Eyed Susans grow well.  TBT dug up a few and stuck them around and they are spreading.  Since they are native to the area, they thrive and spread.
The Hydrangeas are still blooming well.  TBT has kinna ignored them fer a few years, but they don't mind.
Our Stokes Asters bloom again.  Like the Coreopsis, they are older than Ayla is.  In fact, she thinks she remembers Skeeter mentioning them.
Our Coneflowers are blooming.  But they move around.  Most are not where they were last year.  But they did that on their own.  TBT wants some in the meadow bed, and since some are growing in the garden paths, that seems to be good for both.
Ya can see some small apples here.  Sadly, they wont last.  The Evil Skwerrels pick them green and run away.  TBT is gonna cut them down an use the wood in the smoker.  And plant more flowers there.
A few more colorful daylilies are showing up.  There will be more colorful ones soon.
The other side of the daylily bed.  Same yella.  TBT is gonna dig some up and mix the colors more.
The last of the Star-Gazer Lilies.  These are in the shadiest place they will grow, so they bloom last.  

Well, that's the Garden Tour for THIS week.  TBT and Ayla are bringing snacks and drinks on to the shady deck, so lets go up there and relax after all this running around and see what they chose.

Wow, we seem to have poached minced shrimpses and come chicken (both unspiced).  Way ta go Ayla!  And TBT crushed Nip Leafs into a mild (low-sodium) beef broth.  And there is a bowl of crunchies for those who like them a lot (as I do).  

Thank you fer coming along on our Garden Tour!