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Friday, July 09, 2021

Flashback Friday

Today we look back to this week in 2014.  We had a new deck built by professionals.  The old one was "safe for us" but not many more Beins and was "not to code".  An it was 20 years old.  So it seemed the right time to replace it.  And I wasn't up to the challange.  It needed 6x6" posts and those are heavy.  It needed 2' deep holes for the front posts and holes cut in the cement patio near the house and no way I could do that!

So, professionals.  And I was tired of regular wood deck boards and splinters so I went with artificial wood.  But it will last as long as the house!


Stuff added back...

Various views...

And then we were allowed out.

We were cautious.  Ya never know about new things...

But we went out eventually.

We went in and out.  We mean, it was "differnt", so we were very careful.

But it seemed OK.

It was bigger.  We liked that.  The deck is a great place ta spend time.

Iza was 1st onto the top rails.  She sniffed it and decided that part was familiar.

We've been happy with it ever since.