Sunday, July 11, 2021

Easy Like Sunday

Well, we have gone and done it!  Didn't keep our pics listed for a couple of weeks.  Grabbed a few that fit the day, but dint keep track of them.   TBT has been busy outside and only had time to make sure our post spelling was "OK enough"  but didn't scratch through the ones we had used.  So everything is all confoosed!

He HOPES he has things listed all new, and he went back a couple weeks to see what had been used.  So we MAY be all straight again or we MAY be using some we have used before for a few days.  We expect that one picture of us sitting on The Lap is about the same (with slight differnces, of course from day to day).

Later today, he is gonna sit down and make a new list of all the unused pics and get us back on the track...

Today, though, we only have 2 pics of all of us on him, so we are using them!  Not that we arent often all on him at the same time, but it is brief and sometimes the camera is not in his shirtpocket.  Call it "representative". MOL!

BTW, he says every picture-taker-blogger-Bein has SOME place where they can get pics the best.  In bootiful clean houses with lovely furniture (that we envy); of cats in outfits, collars, and bandanas; of inside pics and outside pics; of new pics and memory pics; the bootiful posed pics; posts of humor and poems,  and fill-ins; etc.  We love them all.

TBT says if we all posted the same kinds of pics, we would all get bored.  Meows to the diffrences!   The place TBT can take pics of us is usally on his lap or the bed or deck.  

Half of the pics TBT takes are deleted.  The blurry ones of course, but also sometimes the ones with dirty floors and dust bunnies.  Lets just say we have a VERY RELAXED LIFESTYLE here.  It suits US, MOL!  But that doesn't mean TBT always wants us to exactly "advertise" it.  

So we take LOTS of pictures and use the least bad ones...  

But the above pics WERE rare!  Marley is often on The Lap and Ayla often joins him there.  Laz almost never comes on The Lap (which made this a rare picture).  And if Laz is there, Ayla is nervous about it.  So she stood on the end of my foot, deciding what to do.

She hopped off and sat on the ottoman...  But it still meant they were all on or around me and that makes for a good day.

Ooh, today is All American Pet Photo Day.  We almost missed that.  But today we have all of us in the same pictures, so that probly werks!