Saturday, July 31, 2021

Silly Saturday

LAZ:   EEK!  A SNAKE!  Fortunately, TBT seems ta have a hold of its head an is draggin it away from the house.  Ive seen it around here before though.  Or else there is more than one of them.  Well, as long as they dont bite...

An we got skinny yella ones too.  Its head is so small, it could barely eat a mousie.  Mebbe it eats ants...

Friday, July 30, 2021

Flashback Friday

 Since it is International Friendship Day, for THIS Flashback Friday we found "friendship pictures" from this day in 2011...

Ayla had just had her 3rd spay operation (finally successful).  That inflatable collar was a lot better than "the cone of shame".

The Mews were all eating together all friendly-like.

And playing together friendly.

And napping in the cat trees friendly.

And Ayla and Iza even did some friendly cuddling!

Happy International Friendship Day.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thankful Thursday

We are Thankful for Birdie TV!  These pretty little fevvers are bright and busy.  We can only watch them through one window or if we walk out on the deck an sit quietly.  They are VERY observant an take off like a shot iffen they see us (or TBT an hes the one who feeds them)!

The feeders used ta be a bit further away, but TBT moved them closer for OUR viewing pleasure an HIS pictures.
Its fun watching them fly from one feeder ta the other.  They act like the seeds are different in each one.  Plus they fuss and fight about the perches, which is fun ta watch.
We think they like the higher perches because birds poop randomly, and who wants ta be the one below?  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tuesday Computer

TBT HERE:  I showed a picture of my written pic list a few days ago.  Many friends mentioned "just" keeping theirs by month in folders.

I do THAT too.  I keep all my pics original size, but crop, adjust, and resize. And then export to Mac Finder.

I have folders divided into categories (far left).   Then I have folders by year. After that, I have folders in each year divided into months.  "2107" means 2021 July (07).  After that, each series of processed pictures get a date.  So "210710" means 2021 July 10th.  But that is the saving date, not the individual pic date.

I save all the processed pics at 150-299 Kb to save space.  Larger ones don't show up better on the blog, but I also keep the original sizes for other reasons in Photo.  I may send the original Mb sized ones to the Cloud someday, but I still have space here for now.  I have a 1 Tb hard drive Mac Mini.

I spent a career that required obsessively organizing information, so it is hard to stop even after years of being retired.  Well it was a natural talent.  The IT guys in the old office went crazy trying to follow my files.  They were used to people just putting EVERYTHING they did in "documents", LOL!

But I thought you all might enjoy seeing "maybe over-organized".  LOL!

Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday Mancat

LAZ:  Ive really been enjoyin The Lap lately.  

How did I NOT understand this before?

This is even better than bedtime!

Marley demands time too, though...

But I refuse to move.  I told him "This is new fer me.  Wait a bit".

And sometimes he is there first, so I settle down next to him.

I never had a Big Brother before.  He is SO COOL!  And he likes ME too.

We are keepin our new flea collars on.  I dont have any fleas, of course, but I keep my mask collar on ta protect Marley.  And Ayla.

Ah... peacefulness.
Does it get better than this?

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  I not only ate IN THE KITCHEN, I ate with LAZ, and MARLEY wasnt even in between us!  I dont know WHAT I was thinking...

Fortunately, evrything went calmly...
Dont worry that ya cant see a bowl fer Marley.  Its just below his shoulders.  

Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Mews Update

 TBT HERE:  A slight delay, which is OK because Laz has been getting so much better socially lately and I was a bit concerned about how he would respond to a new kitten.  So about him, first.  

He got up on my lap 3 seperate times Thursday!  Unfortunately, he is still learning how to get off calmly (he simply LEAPS) and I have some wounds to prove it.  It's OK, I heal fast. 

Yesterday, we were both outside.  He has learned to enjoy "outside time" more when I am out there too.  He comes running up and then flops down for some belly rubs.  He even follows me around these days and I haven't had THAT pleasure since Iza left us.  Before, he would just be outside on his own doing his cat-thing alone.  The outside companionship is nice.

Peace generally reigns in the house.  In fact, the last time I heard Ayla hiss was when MARLEY got a bit too playful.  Ayla is still cautious around Laz, but I've noticed that they come in together and sniff each other.  Things are GOOD these days and I think Laz has "settled".

So...  I talked to the Tonkie breeder yesterday about the adoption schedule.  You may recall I mentioned "early August" previously.  Sadly, there was some sort of miscarriage.  But the breeder (there are 2 in combination actually) says that both hers and her friend's Queens have recently had healthy litters of the colors I associate with Tonkies..

Apparently, both litters are of the general type as Iza was.  I am thrilled!  Not that I'm looking for a clone of Iza (she will always be unique in my heart) but I do want the general platinum/mink coloration and the gorgeous blue eyes.  Sometimes I feel guilty about being so specific, but this next one will probably be my last kitten (I've had so many at "just adult" stage) so I am indulging myself.

Anyway, the schedule is 11 weeks from now.  That makes it about the middle of September.  Just about a whole year since I originally inquired about adopting one.  It has been a long wait...

Not to say it hasn't been an interesting year.  Ayla has always been a wonderful kitty even with the hard start of being spayed twice before the 3rd time worked.  Marley came from a happy but allergic home and has been a peaceful mancat all his life.  Laz sure took a lot of attention, but it has paid off.

I've usually had mostly womancats before, so having 2 mancats around has been "educational".  I used to think "two" was enough (and I could be happy with 2), but Laz needed (and deserved) a calm home so then there was 3.  The new female Tonkie will be named Lorelie Lee to go with Lapis Lazuli (from Heinlein).  I like book character names (though Marley came with his own and I liked it).

I can hardly wait.  

There is some karma involved here.  If the Tonkie breeder had had a kitten available right after Iza went over The Bridge, I never would have experienced Laz.  OK, sure, MAYBE he would have gotten adopted into a home LIKE mine and been "purrfectly" happy somewhere else.  But it would have meant that *I* would not have experienced his socialization and adjustment.

I will always treasure that experience.  Yeah, some of you do that routinely.  And I admire that.  But Laz  is unique for me.  I've had a long line of "happy-from-the-start" cats and my time with Laz has been an education I needed.  

I don't mean that I want everyone to have a "difficult" cat (both for the human and the cat), but it sure teaches you a LOT!

The Tonkie breeder says she will send pictures when available.  When I get any, I'll post them.  

Friday, July 23, 2021

Flashback Friday

 Well, let's see what we have for this week in the past...

We were all waiting ta get out on the deck.

Ayla allus went out first, Iza 2nd...
I was allus a bit cautious...
But we were all out there.  Sniffin, lookin around...
It was a nice day.  Not too hot.
But we all came back in fer a while.
Iza allus loved the platform stand.  Or is that Ayla?  Hard to tell.  Probably Iza.  Too plump for Ayla.

Rolled around some...  Yeah, that's Iza...
Played fierce with her toys...
There never was one she couldn't destroy in a few days...