Monday, July 19, 2021

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:   You see me nappin with Laz a lot lately, but I like my older Sisfur Ayla a lot too!

Well, I never met another cat I dint like.  I even got along with Laz when he was "adjusting" to our Forever Home.

So I like ta spend time time with Ayla too (allus have) .  She likes me a lot and I like her.  We have allus gotten along well.

I look at at her "little self" and admire her grace and bootifulness.  
I mean, she has furs I dont even unnerstand.  Im just kinna random orange/white all over, but she has special furs on her ears/tail/face/feet.  She is SO pretty.
But she likes me too.  She trusts me, and that means a lot.  She says she feels safe around me.  
Not that things have been too hissy between Ayla and Laz lately.  I try to prevent that (I whapped Laz HARD one time a couple Big Moons ago), but she still feels more relaxed near me.  I like that.