Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Tuesday Surprise

LAZ:  Yeah, I really surprised TBT last night!   I'd been watchin Marley and Ayla on The Lap for a while. I usally watch from the scratcher.

They jump up on The Lap and TBT is so used ta it that he hardly even notices but just starts scratchin whoever is there.  He is kinna of oblivious sometimes.

So, last night night he was scratchin "a cat" from habit.  But it was ME!  He looked down after a couple minutes and was SHOCKED!  

Well, why not?  I've been here a while.  Granted, most of my time here I've avoided invitation. ta The Lap.  I like bedtime better.  But I gave it a try.  I LIKED IT!  I stayed.

See the pics and be AMAZED...   OK so some are fuzzy.  But they were RARE.

Even Marley joined me.
And seemed ta approve.  

TBT said that was an impawtant decision fer me.  OK, but whatever, I thought it was the right time.  And I feel oddly happier having tried The Lap.  It's GOOD...

TBT HERE:  Some cats are lapcats from Day 1.  Some are never lapcats.  Laz has been adjusting for a bit over a year.  I consider his decision to try The Lap a positive sign that he is now fully socialized after all these months.  It was not an easy journey for him.  

He has had great milestones this year, though it didn't start well.  He attacked Ayla.  He feared human contact.  He feared being handled.  

But I talked to him constantly for the year.  I gave him his food wherever he felt safe eating it.  I didn't use a squirt bottle, favoring attention over discipline.

As months went on, he attacked Ayla less, learned to come inside when called, and he was always good with the litterbox.  The last few months, he accepted Ayla.  I think his old memories of "the place with the pit bulls and grabby kids" is gone or at least in some space in his brain called "not anymore".

Laz has learned that he is really one of The Mews.  He is relaxed and friendly.  He and Ayla groom heads and sniff butts calmly.  That is important; a sign of peace.

And this is great.  I never expected this long year of work with Laz.  Who knew that weeks of singing nonsense songs to Laz while he was in the Mew's Room last year at this time would have led to such a calm and happy today?

I am grateful that Laz came up on my lap.  It signaled a new change.