Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Mews Update

 TBT HERE:  A slight delay, which is OK because Laz has been getting so much better socially lately and I was a bit concerned about how he would respond to a new kitten.  So about him, first.  

He got up on my lap 3 seperate times Thursday!  Unfortunately, he is still learning how to get off calmly (he simply LEAPS) and I have some wounds to prove it.  It's OK, I heal fast. 

Yesterday, we were both outside.  He has learned to enjoy "outside time" more when I am out there too.  He comes running up and then flops down for some belly rubs.  He even follows me around these days and I haven't had THAT pleasure since Iza left us.  Before, he would just be outside on his own doing his cat-thing alone.  The outside companionship is nice.

Peace generally reigns in the house.  In fact, the last time I heard Ayla hiss was when MARLEY got a bit too playful.  Ayla is still cautious around Laz, but I've noticed that they come in together and sniff each other.  Things are GOOD these days and I think Laz has "settled".

So...  I talked to the Tonkie breeder yesterday about the adoption schedule.  You may recall I mentioned "early August" previously.  Sadly, there was some sort of miscarriage.  But the breeder (there are 2 in combination actually) says that both hers and her friend's Queens have recently had healthy litters of the colors I associate with Tonkies..

Apparently, both litters are of the general type as Iza was.  I am thrilled!  Not that I'm looking for a clone of Iza (she will always be unique in my heart) but I do want the general platinum/mink coloration and the gorgeous blue eyes.  Sometimes I feel guilty about being so specific, but this next one will probably be my last kitten (I've had so many at "just adult" stage) so I am indulging myself.

Anyway, the schedule is 11 weeks from now.  That makes it about the middle of September.  Just about a whole year since I originally inquired about adopting one.  It has been a long wait...

Not to say it hasn't been an interesting year.  Ayla has always been a wonderful kitty even with the hard start of being spayed twice before the 3rd time worked.  Marley came from a happy but allergic home and has been a peaceful mancat all his life.  Laz sure took a lot of attention, but it has paid off.

I've usually had mostly womancats before, so having 2 mancats around has been "educational".  I used to think "two" was enough (and I could be happy with 2), but Laz needed (and deserved) a calm home so then there was 3.  The new female Tonkie will be named Lorelie Lee to go with Lapis Lazuli (from Heinlein).  I like book character names (though Marley came with his own and I liked it).

I can hardly wait.  

There is some karma involved here.  If the Tonkie breeder had had a kitten available right after Iza went over The Bridge, I never would have experienced Laz.  OK, sure, MAYBE he would have gotten adopted into a home LIKE mine and been "purrfectly" happy somewhere else.  But it would have meant that *I* would not have experienced his socialization and adjustment.

I will always treasure that experience.  Yeah, some of you do that routinely.  And I admire that.  But Laz  is unique for me.  I've had a long line of "happy-from-the-start" cats and my time with Laz has been an education I needed.  

I don't mean that I want everyone to have a "difficult" cat (both for the human and the cat), but it sure teaches you a LOT!

The Tonkie breeder says she will send pictures when available.  When I get any, I'll post them.