Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tuesday Computer

TBT HERE:  I showed a picture of my written pic list a few days ago.  Many friends mentioned "just" keeping theirs by month in folders.

I do THAT too.  I keep all my pics original size, but crop, adjust, and resize. And then export to Mac Finder.

I have folders divided into categories (far left).   Then I have folders by year. After that, I have folders in each year divided into months.  "2107" means 2021 July (07).  After that, each series of processed pictures get a date.  So "210710" means 2021 July 10th.  But that is the saving date, not the individual pic date.

I save all the processed pics at 150-299 Kb to save space.  Larger ones don't show up better on the blog, but I also keep the original sizes for other reasons in Photo.  I may send the original Mb sized ones to the Cloud someday, but I still have space here for now.  I have a 1 Tb hard drive Mac Mini.

I spent a career that required obsessively organizing information, so it is hard to stop even after years of being retired.  Well it was a natural talent.  The IT guys in the old office went crazy trying to follow my files.  They were used to people just putting EVERYTHING they did in "documents", LOL!

But I thought you all might enjoy seeing "maybe over-organized".  LOL!