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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Thankful Thursday

AYLA:  I am thankful today for TBT, shelter, food, clean litterboxes, and all that usual stuff.  I am thankful for Marley.  

I am even thankful for Laz.  That may come as a surprise to most of you, but he has been SO much better lately.  We even stand next to the deck door together waiting ta go out.  And that has been odd.  While Laz was kept indoors for his first 3 years (elsewhere), I enjoyed going out.

Then he arrived and things were bad.  Laz wasn't allowed out here because he was too new and not really attached to our house yet.  I stayed inside because I hid in the bedroom from Laz and waiting around the deck door often ended up with Laz attacking me.  So, fer a while, only Marley and TBT went outside.

Well, after after some months, TBT decided to introduce Laz to "outside".  Laz was quite nervous about it at first, but TBT had him on a harness/leash AND held him tightly while just sitting on the deck and talking to him.

He stared around intently!

And eventually, he let Laz walk around on the harness.  And of course, Laz just pulled out of it after a couple walks.  Fortunately, he dint run away (though at the time, I wished he would).  In fact, he froze in place.  Well, we (who ARE allowed out) have all kinna done that the first times outside.  Too much space is a bit scary.  But we usually experience that as kittens,  when we are more open ta unusual experiences.  EVERYTHING is a bit unusual ta a kitten, right?

But Laz was almost 4.  Freedom was scarey!  He ran ta TBTs feet.  Sniffed the ground.  Sniffed the air.  Listened ta noises.   There was a lot for him all at once.  He ran back inside the first few times after a few minutes out.  But he LOVES being outside these days.  

So, as I said, Laz and I often sit next to each other at the deck door waiting to go out these days.  And when we do, we often stop and groom each other briefly on the deck.  Then Laz runs down the steps.  I tend to stay ON the deck these days.  Marley tends ta stay inside.  He has become a real "comfort-loving cat".  

But I am also thankful today for another reason.  Ya saw the pictures yesserday when I was on the back of the easy chair (and I really like that it has a wider softer back than the previous one).  

But the pretty towel I like ta nap on was falling off, and TBT dint realize it.  A Princess CARES about such things!  Well, after I told him and when he saw the pictures, he fixed that.  He carefully arranged the pretty apple towel better, and I climbed right back up on it.  

Seriously, who DOESNT like looking good when pictured?

I napped MUCH better.

Even better, he says he will put a BIG folded towel under it for my greater comfort.  I will appreciate that, but I do want my pretty towel on the top.  I will go back to bloo after a while.  Apples are zappier, but bloo is true in the long run!  But for now, the red apples match the red chair and the red walls and I am having a color-coordinated week...