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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tuesday Twofur

 We're nappin today.

The camera wakes me up more than it does Marley.  He has more years used ta it.  I have just over one.

Marley says I will get used ta it.  I dunno.  It is not the  flashy, but the attention to me gets my attention.  I hope that makes sense.  Well, I KNOW when Im bein looked at...

Marley says he was thrilled at how many friends came ta his Birfday Pawty.  In fact, that is probly why he is nappin so well right now.  He probly wont get up until he is REALLY hungry.

An he wants ta thank Timmy Tomcat's Family fer the great birfday card...

08-16-21 11th Marley Marks Mews.jpg