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Friday, August 27, 2021

15th Blogoversary

Its our 15th Blogoversary!  Well, actally, it was on Wensday, but we MISSED IT...

Well, ya know how it goes.  Days of the week are hard enough fer us kitties ta keep track of and dates of the month are harder - there are just so many of them.  If fact, TBT lost track of them hisself! 

So since it is also Flashback Friday and the start of our blog is kinna a flashback, we are celebrating taday.

It started with Skeeter and LC when they were both senior cats and has continued with Ayla, Iza, Marley and Laz.  

Skeeter, LC, and Iza have gone OTB since.  To be kind, we will show them when they were young...

The other 3 of us Mews are still here. 

And we are expecting a 4th in September.  So the PURR goes on...

TBT HERE:  15 years is a long time.  I never imagined that just clicking on a "Free Blog" button back in 2006 would lead to much adventure, writing, visiting, and picture-taking.  We have met SO MANY other cats (and people) that we never would have otherwise.

We are sad about the kitties who have left OTB or for other reasons but we are glad for the new ones who come along with new Gotcha stories, adventures, daily life, and sheer various beauty.   The Mews and all our friends have brightened up my life.  

And it wouldn't have lasted long if all of you hadn't visited our blog!  We thank each and every visitor.  Some comment regularly, some comment very infrequently, and some never do.  I think it is all amazing. 

I have an app called Statcounter.  Mostly, just tells me how many visitors I get per day.  But one feature also shows City/Country.  Our regular commenters are labelled by name (don't worry, it doesn't say much - actually it is just the city of the ISP and the number of visits.  I haven't seen "1,000" yet but some are getting close.  Well, I know our regular visitors have high numbers, of course.  

The occasional visitors are fun, too.  Getting a comment from some kitty just a couple times a year is wonderful.  I think "wow, they must have really liked that post".

But I also enjoy some of the "unknowns" who NEVER comment.  There are some from locations where I KNOW I don't know a cat.  And sometimes those unknowns have 100s of visits registered.  I must be doing SOMETHING right to have those dedicated unknown readers!

It takes so little to keep me happy, sometimes, LOL!

I wasn't sure how to end this post about my happiness to keep going with it for 15 years (and some blogs have been going longer).  But it occurred to me to think of it in terms of cans of cat food.  Assuming an average of 3 Mews and 4 cans per day...  21,900 cans!  And that's just the blogging years and not trying to count the treats and dry kibble.

I can't promise I will keep at it for another 21,900 cans, but I'm sure going to try for several thousand more!

Be happy I didn't try to count the poops and pees in the litterboxes.  LOL!