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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Caturday Saturday

After posting about our 15th Blogoversary Day yesterday, we decided that taday would be a good day ta talk about ourselfs.  Ya know, odd things that are sort of uuneek ta us (mebbe, ya never know).  

AYLA:  I like windersills.  I like the back of easy chairs.  I skipped goin out on the deck the whole first year of Laz, but I love it out there again and rush the door when TBT opens it.

MARLEY:  I stay inside these days.  I used to be a great mousie hunter, but I love my comfort now.  My favrit place is The Lap, but the Otto Man and the bed (when TBT is in there) are great.

There is a picture of me unner the covers, but I can't find it.  But I go there almost evry night.  TBT sees me coming and lifts them.  I go right in for most of the night.  It is warmiest.

LAZ:  I'm adoring it here.  I never thought a place with Beins would be great, but it sure is now.  I love goin OUT.  OUT is amazing!  Mousies, places ta sniff, sounds ta hear.  Big area ta run around in!  And inside, The Lap.  I'm still a bit cautious, but when it seems OK, I hop up and settle down.  The Lap (an strokes) mean safety an peace.  That is new ta me.  An I'm OK with Ayla.  Marley is better though.  We play!

My old life is fading away.  I forgets parts of it.  Well, not that I want ta remember it all that well.  The impawtant thing is that I think Im stayin HERE and thats all that matters.

I still remember kibbles though.  I LOVE kibbles.  Ayla an Marley like them OK once a day.  I could LIVE on kibbles.  *I* get them 2x a day.  TBT knows...  Each little crunchie is a sign that I matter ta him.  He's OK.  And I now "get" why why The Lap is nice.  I never did before.  Strokes, warmth, safety...

Well, thats US now... 

And, yes "Remembrance Day".  For all the friends and loved ones OTB or lost.  It is a day of thought...