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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

MARLEY AND LAZ:  We apologize for the rather poor picture, but we dint have annythin BETTER for Twofur Tuesday.  An WE arent in charge of actally TAKING the pictures around here annyway, so WE feel no blame.  We mean, have ya ever tried ta press a small button with a pawpad?  It just doesnt werk.

By definition, annythin wrong is TBT's fault.  So, annyway, here we are...

TBT was sittin at the computer desk, I (Laz) was helping to make sure he got a post right (we type, but he corrects a few things).  Marley was tossing a few questions from the floor.

The bright thing is a flea trap.  He brought it out when we got the collars.  The collars werk great (except on Alya).  More about that next time.  But fleas fell right off all of us the first few days.  Not THAT many, we had a few though.  If we had more, he would have noticed earlier.  But, like 2 fell off of Marley while he was sittin on the newspaper TBT was readin.  Just fell right OFF!

It was easy ta see.  A couple fleas staggerring around dying on a black/white paper.  It meant the collars were working.

The flea trap has some warm light in the top an fleas think it is one of US.  MOL!  But it is so old, the sticky-paper at the bottom is are dry.  So on the advice of one of our friends, he put soapy water in the tray below the light an it werks great.  He found 6 in it the first day.  

Yeah, he could have just vacuumed the carpet, but he wanted ta know if the trap werked and it did...  The bad news is that there were some around.  The good news is that the trap catches fewer as days pass.  So soon, he will just start vacuuming (when we are outside of course - we hate that thing).  

But he will leave the trap out sometimes ta check...