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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Thankful Thursday

LAZ:   I found TBTs stash of freshly hotted towels an mats an such (kill fleas and eggs).

Rolled around on them gloriously!
I dont think I have anny fleas, but he is gonna have to run them through the dryer again.
His problem, not mine...  I have my flea collar and no flea touches ME and lives.
All *I* want is the softy warmth!

But if that gets fleas killed, thats good too.

TBT:  The fleas are not a big problem.  Apparently, I discovered them early enough and got serious collars.  Most of the house is uncarpeted, which makes their lives harder.  I'm been vacuuming the floors and furniture regularly.  

At the worst, Ayla had some bumps near her tail and Marley had some "grit" on his and a few fleas.  Laz never showed any signs of them.  When I put Seresto collars on each, several dropped off Marley the first day while he was lounging on the newspaper I was "trying" to read.  And I combed out 2 that were already dead the first week .    None from Ayla or Laz.  But Ayla's tail bumps did go away in a week.  

I previously mentioned that Ayla had a contact reaction to the collar and scratched to bare skin in 2 spots.  I removed it of course and 2 weeks later, the spots are fully healed and furred.  Fortunately, she is always up high, so any few remaining fleas would have some trouble finding her.  And her bae-of-tail remains unbumpy.  

Flea-combing Laz never revealed any sign of fleas.  Maybe they don't like his taste.  Marley has no "grit".  Ayla is not scratching.  

I actually saw a flea on me one of the first days and decided to watch it (know your enemy).  I THINK it bit me 2x to taste my blood but didn't like it.  It's hard to detect.  But I did grab it and rolled a pen over it hard.  They are hard to crush but not impossible, LOL!

I'm not saying there is no flea anywhere in the house, but what few there are losing their battle.  I vacuum thoroughly floor to top of chairs, flea-comb The Mews daily...  It will take a while, but the collars seem very effective.  Fleas that land on the Boys, die.  And if they don't like me, they haven't got much anywhere else to go before they starve.  I check Ayla constantly.

The flea trap worked well.  For anyone who didn't see a previous description, it is basically a nightlight over a tray.  The original tray bottom was sticky, but soapy water works just fine.  The fleas think the warmth of the nightlight is an animal and when they jump at it, they fall into the water.  

I got 6-7 fleas that way in The Mews Room over a couple days and several more in the computer room.  Oddly, none in the bedroom, but I naturally tend to vacuum that room more often (its the only place I'm barefoot).

I should mention that identifying dead fleas can be tricky.  They are REALLY small.  A magnifying glass helps, but I also have a jewerel's loupe that is more powerful and I could see the difference between a flea and a sticky seed that way.  Flea legs look different from spines on seeds.

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I haven't found a flea on any of The Mews in a week, and I've SURE been looking!