Saturday, September 11, 2021

Caturday Saturday

TBT is quiet today.  We get a first meal for the day and will get outside time after, but he views days a bit different than we do.  Our day starts at dawn (his seems ta start in the middle of the night).  But he is not acting quite normally.  We can tell he is upset.  

It's not about US of course so it must be the larger world he lives in.  That happens sometimes; Beins are very complicated.  He says it is "9-11" and we need not be too concerned about it.  So we arent.  He knows what concerns us or doesnt.

But of course, when HE is upset, we are all a little worried.  Like, what if he forgets ta let us out or forgets a meal?  He dint of course, but such things concern us greatly.

We get hints when he is upset.  Like today, he groomed hisself carefully, took a shower (well, a routine thing, but he spent more time than usual at it (water, ick...), and then put on his black furs.  THAT is not routine, and we've leaned that it is another sign he is sad about something.  

So after we had our meal, we gathered around him to provide some comfort.  He dint take anny pictures then, so we are showing one we found from before.  It means about the same...

The point was ta show him "peace".  We ate together nicely.

Sat around together nicely.
Napped near each other (Marley in the middle of course).
And napped together later nicely again.
He seemed pretty happy with our show of "nice"...
We do our best to help him on the troubled days, as he does for us.