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Monday, September 13, 2021

Cats Showing Trust

TBT:   We have all seen lists of how to know your cat is happy.  I love to read them and and I agree with them.  The lists are good for making sure everything is right with them...

But it seems to me that there are some things I never see on the lists to judge their degree of trust:

1.  You walk into the bedroom where the cats are napping and turn on the light and they don't even look to make sure they are safe.

2.  You step across a cat in a narrow space and it doesn't even twitch because it knows you won't step on it; not even the tippy-tail.

3.  If a cat is outside in a surprise rain shower, it will coming running through the rain because it knows you have the door open for it.

4.  Your cat is caught off-guard by some inside or outside threat (bigger introoder cat, dog, vishus deer, Delivery Person, doorbell, fireworks, etc) it runs to you because it knows you can defeat ANY danger.

5.  You have slept late and the cat is hungry.  It sits calmly near you waiting for you to get up.  OK, that's a joke.  Actually, it is walking on and around you while complaining loudly.  But I suppose it trusts that IF you get up, you will feed it before you eat.  Yes, I do; an elephant can go longer hungry than a mouse, and a Human longer than a cat.

6.  A cat that trusts you knows it can whap you and not get whapped in return (unlike by its sibfurs).

7.  A cat that trusts you knows the sounds of the house that are not sounds of nature.  You can dump a few clean cans into the recycling bucket and not disturb them.  However, don't accidentlly drop one on the floor near them...  That's a threat and they will teleport UTB!

8.  If you step on a tail-tip or bump one with a foot, they will run.  A cat that trusts you will return immediately if called.

9.  A cat that trusts you ASSUMES the next can you open for them will taste great.

10.  A cat that trusts you will come inside when called even if it is stalking a mouse.

Got any others?