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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thankful Thursday

 THE MEWS:  In these days when we see sad stuff on the TV, we thought of the good life we live...

1.  When we are hungry, food appears.

2.  When it is hot out, we are cool.

3.  When it is cold out, we are warm.

4.  When it rains, we stay dry.

5.  When we want attention, we get it.

6.  When we want ta snuggle, we have each other and TBT.

7.  When we want to be alone, we have places to be.

8.  When we are bored, TBT tosses toys and kibbles that bounce around the floor

9.  We get scritchies whenever we ask.

10. When we feel sick, the vet helps us.  Not that we like that at the time, but the next day is usually better.

11. We have the Big Back Yard ta explore.

12.  We have wunnerful lifes.

13.  And we have the promise of The Bridge when life gets too hard someday...